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The petals curl Surveying the Depression Golden Loner Overdrive Graphic Clear direction Still Life (03) Part 4: The Inevitable Bitching arrangement Reflected one summer dream . Eros Carmelita A.K.A. Borgsky Mutual Appreciation the confessional Fonthill Pink Ford Quintessential No._377a the great escape Those vintage days Tulip - Yearning charting a new course Golden Age A Day at the Zoo Looking for the other half of my pear  A Small Amount of Courage Is It A Man's World? 1959 T-Bird strangers alienation II : Or I Hate It When You Make Me Feel Like A Horses A** Arrival Davenport's Demise No. 6 Coquette When Tempest Tossed No, I don't love him The May Queen The Lady And The Giant Problems with the Sun rebellion Hollow As A Bone Vines Beneath a Bridge __|_|_|___|_|_|_|__, just bones and dirt waterfall Three minus one 1948 International KB-5 Fire Truck she stands apart