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more questions than answers CAMERA HEAD separation Contemplating the Impending Angel Cadillac Walk waters below 3 floating dreams love me/love me not UNTITLED I really miss Venice Beach (night) Ralph #2 Shes the one nova zembla's fata morgana Leaf With Dew The Day I Dreamed in Pink Desert Sunset meet me in San Jacinto The Judge Just a smoke the shadow man Little India (2) Iris #26 Golden Loner Scarred Lady in black Paper Freedom Calla Lilies III space swaggin Flowers For A Celebration Marked Family Resemblance a beachside story The Polkadot Bow Early - Santa Monica Mount Hope Bridge horse with no name Fishes can't fly The Lady And The Giant THE ACROBAT (I HATE WHEN SHE DOES THIS!) Healing strega Ghost Doll Liquid Amber A.K.A. Borgsky A morning on The river. Temptation Cat and Urn From Tunnels masque 2 Man On Overpass (26/32)