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Problems with the Sun From Tunnels Songs of the Farm 2 Telemonious Plenus the sleeper Variations on a Theme by Klimt Winter Grass At The Amusement Park 1 (Homage to Cindy Patrick) The Little Red Tree Mother and child Six Bright ideas along the misty shores of imagination rainy day [1] avian 118 Meet Meal she's a lady Seeker The Cruelty of the Innocents Dance red and yellow Soliloquy 1 into the sunset Vein of Stars Telemonious Plenus Nude 112 losing myself floating dreams Gazed Storming Romance Me, Myself and my Crow On The Marsh a tip of the hat The Burden of Self.Butterfly wings remix The Sight of Envy Azalea 2 Horizontal Tanning Study in white THE ACROBAT (I HATE WHEN SHE DOES THIS!) sister mary mannequin The Disembodied Head Little Bird in the Bottle A Walk in The Park no. 2 umbrella man Five Where Puppies Fly people [2] Winter Horse Storm raged overhead Breeze rising Black-Alphabet- 'A'