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wonderment RANDALL Telemonious Plenus At The Museum 2 Eros Autumn Above the Chapel Door oui je suis petite mais je suis bien jolie marginalized Smelter Store #2 I Am a Festival, I Am a Parade: JustFabulous Cherry Blossoms I A REOCCURING DREAM My own microcosm/ Once upon a time.. waters below 3 sister mary mannequin Flight La Vie en Rouge Problems with the Sun sitting here and thinking ... the kiss Mutual Appreciation on top of the world "We bury love; Forgetfulness grows over it like grass:  That is a thing to weep for, not the dead." ~Alexander Smith Antique Haviland Plate (Detail) c.1900 The red sign. longing separation Jerusalem Baptist Church 2 Red Winter at the Swamp Nostalgia As a man follows I never saw the sunshine 'til you turned out the light ilheus1500 the Essence of Time Five Cheers Contemplation "The veil of confusion gently falls away, Like the dank mist on a dull autumn day. Revealing the path that lies there before me, To step forward or not, what will it be?." ~Gabriella Goddard The red blouse. Anoesis swimmingzone1 The Huddle Red Path Night ride 5 (the-end) Amma (2) more questions than answers "The earth has music for those who listen." ~William Shakespeare Tree of Fire illusion, confusion