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Any image you have uploaded to your IPA account is eligible for sale in our iPrints Store, provided there are no copyright conflicts associated with the work.

The submission process takes a few minutes per image and can be started by clicking the SUBMIT WORK TO YOUR iPRINTS STORE button at the top of your personal iPrints Store page.

Once the image is selected, you will be asked to answer the following questions:

1. What size(s) would you like to have your work listed at?

Here we provide a drop-down menu of our 35+ standard sizes. You may choose from any of them, or you may submit a request to add a custom size to the list of options. Once a custom size is requested and quoted, it will be made available to everyone from that time on as a custom size option.

With regard to file size, if your image is 2000 pixels or more, it should print well at any of our standard sizes. If it is smaller, you may need to do some additional up-resing, so please see our File Preparation page for more details.

2. What paper/finish would you like to select for your image?

We offer 10 different archival, museum quality print options that range from standard ink-jet papers to exhibition quality giclée watercolor and canvas surfaces, to C-Type (light based dark room paper - no ink) finishes in glossy, matte, and even metallic (a staff favorite!) Take a look at our Printing Options page for details on all our papers.

3. Would you like this edition of your image to be limited or unlimited?

In general, work that is sold as a limited edition can command a higher market price. Editions can come in any number you choose, for example you could have an edition of 5 - or an edition of 500. And the smaller the edition, the more you can charge, since there are less prints available for sale.

Many art collectors place a premium on limited editions, knowing they are getting something rare. If you are interested in commanding higher prices for your work, you may consider this option, but keep in mind that once an edition sells out, you cannot sell any additional prints of that edition. Ever. To do so would be considered highly unethical as your buyers have paid extra for the limited nature of the work. To help insure the security of our artists and our patrons, we will be tracking all limited editions, and will disallow the continued sale of any limited edition that has sold out.

On the other hand, selling out a limited edition of an image doesn't mean you're done. In fact, you can create a new edition of the same image simply by changing the size and/or print finish of the work. For example, if you sell out 50 prints of a 8x10 watercolor print, you may then create a new edition as a 20x24 C-Type print without creating a conflict.

If this all sounds confusing, then we recommend simply allowing your editions to be unlimited - which means there are no restrictions placed on it and you are free to sell as many as you want.

In the iPrints Store, you will be allowed to create up to 5 editions (limited or unlimited) of each of your images at one time. If you sell out of one, or just want to remove it, you can then replace it with a different edition.

4. What do you want to charge for your work?

This decision is entirely up to you. We place no limit on what you can charge. Our only restriction is that you cannot go below our minimum, which is what it costs to physically produce the work. Once a sale is made, the minimum (production cost) will go to those doing the actual printing and mounting. Then 80% of any profit earned (which is any $ amount over the minimum) will go directly back to you as a royalty. We will track your sales and royalties and generate an invoice from you to us each month, indicating how much we owe you based on your sales. Each month, we will send out your royalty check via regular mail, or via PayPal, whichever you prefer.

Keep in mind that if you order prints of your own work, we will always just charge you the minimum production cost, no matter how much your work is listed at for sale to the public. In this way, we hope to enable all of you to buy prints and mounts of your own images for friends, family, gallery shows etc. at a reasonable price, while also allowing a proper marketplace to develop for sales to the public.

The last thing to remember here is that when you are setting your price, you are setting the price for the UNMOUNTED print. It will then be up to the buyer to decide if he or she would like to have your work mounted on our bamboo panels, or if they'd rather purchase the iPrint without a mount.

And that's basically it. Sound complicated? Well it's really not. Just try submitting an image and you will find our process to be informative and easy to follow, providing all the information you need as you go along. If you find yourself in the middle of a submission and change your mind, you may simply exit. You may also remove individual editions or whole images from your store at any time, or make changes to your print information, so don't worry if you get something wrong or change your mind. Just give it a try!

And please do contact us if you find yourselves with questions. As always, we are here for you.