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Want to see what your papers look like?
Order 5x5 iPrint Samples of all of our C-Type and Giclée paper option for bamboo mount.


Images are printed on Fuji and Kodak silver-halide papers. Besides the superior color reproduction these prints have excellent ozone resistance to ensure superior light fastness (resistance to fading). We offer the following c-type paper finishes:

C-Type Luster
Fuji Crystal Archive Paper / Kodak Endura Paper

Not quite matte and not quite glossy. Luster (also referred to as Satin) has excellent color saturation without the "sheen" that can be a hindrance in glossy print finishes.

C-Type Metallic
Kodak Endura Metallic Paper / Fuji Pearl (metallic)

Described by many photographers as a "chrome on paper" effect. Kodak metallic prints offer a rich, distinctive metallic (pearlescent/iridescent) look that catches the eye. It works especially well on high contrast images. Less contrasty images may need to be lightened about 20% for printing on this surface but for the right images it is one of our favorite papers.


Archival ink-jet printing is the highest quality photographic and reproduction type printing available today. Through a combination of ink-jet printing technology, numerous paper finishes and archival inks, it can produce the sharpest, richest and most vibrant reproductions imaginable.

Giclée Standard Matte
Epson Photo Matte (192g)

Smooth Matte surface with very good contrast range and excellent color reproduction. Durable finish with longevity rating of 25+ years. Good for illustration, painting, water color, art reproductions and some types of photography.

Giclée Fine Art Pearl
Hahnemuhle Fine Art Pearl (285g)

Semi-gloss finish, heavy weight, and acid free. Excellent contrast and color range. Durable, smooth finish, and cotton based paper with archival rating of 75+ years. Excellent for all type of art and photography reproductions. This paper gets our highest recomendation for exhibition quality printing. If you want it to look professional, this is what the pros use.