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Prints on metal are an exciting new way to to showcase your work. Introduced at LA Mobile Arts Festival , this dynamic print alternative uses a dye-sublimation process to embed your image directly into a coated aluminum surface. These prints come in 4 finishes. They are incredibly vibrant and rich, light weight, beautiful, easy to mountain, ultra-hard, scratch resistant, waterproof, weatherproof and can be cleaned with any commercial glass cleaner, though we recommend avoiding direct, bright sunlight as with any fine art print. Metal prints are also archival with 2-4 times the longevity of traditional silver based photo papers.

Aluminum print finish options

GLOSSY: The glossy finish prints on aluminum that is coated with a white surface. This creates an image that will closely match your original file, then finishes the image with very high-gloss surface.

SATIN: The satin finish also prints on white, but has a matte finish.

SHEER-GLOSS: This surface allows the color of the metal to show through instead of "white". It creates a very interesting, almost 3D effect to your image, but may look quite different from the original file. It is recommended for a more experimental look. This version adds a high-gloss finish to the final image.

SHEER-MATTE: This prints like the sheer-gloss, but has a matte finish.

Aluminum print mounting options

FLOAT MOUNT: A mounting block attached to the back of your aluminum print that "floats" your image off the wall about an inch and provides an easy way to hang your work. This is our recommended mounting option.

STAINLESS STEEL STAND OUT POSTS: This options provides stainless steel posts placed through the 4 corners of your aluminum plate and allows the image to "float" off the wall. The stainless posts remain visible creating an alternative and interesting mounting option. Posts can be ordered in small or large.