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Introduced at the LA Mobile Arts Festival, bamboo panel offer an easy, elegant and eco-concious way to exhibit artwork. Each order is hand-crafted in Portland, Oregon by real humans, created with sustainable harvested bamboo. The panel come in 28 standard sizes and 4 different profiles, and have a keyhole slot on the back for easy hanging. The bamboo is carbonized vertical grain bamboo plywood. Bamboo is a grass and its fast growth makes it a very eco-concious material; all bamboo used to make these panels is sustainable grown and harvested. the adhesive film used to mount our iPrints to the bamboo panels is PH neutral which protects the image from the natural acids in the wood.









UNMOUNTED PRINTS: We offer both C-Type and giclée prints of the highest caliber for mounting on our panels. These fine art prints can also be ordered as unmounted prints, just upload here to get started. There are 4 paper finishes including C-Type Luster, C-Type Metallic, Giclée Standard Matte and Giclée Fine Art Pearl which you can read about below.

PAPER AND FINISH OPTIONS (for bamboo mounts and unmounted prints)

C-TYPE LUSTER: Fuji Crystal Archive Paper / Kodek Endura Paper
Not quite matte and not quite glossy. Luster (also reffered to satin) has excellent color saturation without the "sheen" that can be a hindrance in glossy print finishes.

C-TYPE METALLIC: Kodek Endura Metallic Paper / Fuji Pearl (metallic)
Described by many photographers as a "chrome on paper" effect. Kodek metallic prints offer a rich, distinctive metallic (pearlescent/iridescent) look that catches the eye. It works especially well on images with strong contrast and/or black and white images. Our favorite C-Type paper.

GICLÉE STANDARD MATTE:Epson Photo Matte (192g)
Smooth matte surface with very good contrast range and excellent color reproduction. Durable finish with longevity rating of 25+ years*. Ideal for illustration, painting, water color, art reproductions and some types of photography.

GICLÉE FINE ART PEARL:Hahnemuhle Fine Art Pearl (285g)
Semi-gloss finish, heavy weight, and acid free. Excellent color contrast and color range. Durable, smooth finish and cotton based paper with archival rating of 75+ years*. Excellent for all type of photography reproductions. Comes with our highest recommendation for those wanting the highest quality fine art print possible.

The level of quality of the print mounted on bamboo I received from IPA is nothing short of absolutely stunning. The image I chose to print was from my 3G and was selected for sentimental reasons rather than because it was my best work. I was shocked that the print quality lifted the level to an image I'm so proud and excited about. It's not something that can be expressed in words. It has to be witnessed.

-Maryjane Sarvis

The print arrived about an hour ago...and WOW. I'm almost speechless. The slightly metallic sheen IS divine. Every time I look at it, I just say WOW. It's spectacular and exceeded my imagination of how it would look. When the lights are turned down low, the metallic sheen glows a little. I just love it

The print is really special. When I opened the package and saw it for the first time, I took pride in my work in a way that I haven't felt before and that really means a great deal to me.

-Marcele Augusine

I just wanted to let everyone know that I received my bamboo-mounted print on Friday, and it is absolutely stunning!The print quality and the mounting are first rate, and I couldn't be happier! I've really never seen anything like it!

-Cindy Patrick

Having a print made through IPA was a delightful confirmation of the quality with which they have approached iPhoneography in general and the IPA site in particular. Print quality is on par with other high-end providers but what sets their work apart for me is their unique bamboo mounting. Though a variety of mounting substrates are available, the bamboo is very distinctive and very affordable.

-Clint Cline