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These blank bamboo panels offer an easy, elegant and eco-concious way to exhibit artwork. Each order is hand-crafted in Portland, Oregon by real humans, created with sustainably harvested bamboo.

The panels come in 35+ standard sizes with custom options available as well. They can be purchases in two thicknesses, 3/4" or 1.5", and have a keyhole slot on the back for easy hanging. Two keyholes are used for panels over 24" wide.

The bamboo is carbonized vertical grain bamboo plywood. Bamboo is a grass and its fast growth makes it a very eco-concious material; all bamboo used to make these panels is sustainably grown and harvested.

The adhesive film used to mount our iPrints to the bamboo panels is PH neutral which protects the images from the natural acids in the wood and provides an extremely reliable bond between the images and the panel.

In addition to ordering mounted prints from our iPrints Store, you may also purchase blank bamboo panels, with or without the adhesive, then mount your work at home.

If you want to mount your own work, keep in mind that the process is not reversible. Once mounted, you cannot remove the image from the panel.

Also, please take a look at our Mounting Info section for a detailed explanation of panel sizes: all panels are actually 1/8" - 1/2" smaller than the stated size so that you may end up with a perfect edge when mounting.


More than just green...


APPILICIOUS bamboo panels are hand-crafted in Portland, Oregon by an eco-concious group of sandal wearing, tofu-eating bike riders - not to mention craftsmen and artists. These unique panels are each made to order, with attention and care.

"Our goal is to create an exhibition quality art substrate that is manufactured and delivered without unnecessarily harming the environment. We see it as our responsibility to treat all people with dignity and respect, and to be stewards of the planet during our time here."