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Fonthill Red. Light. into the sunset Peanuts Windbreak II Bones #1 Amma (2) Stargazer V Grammy Wore Low Tops Black-Alphabet- 'C' The Negotiator Golden Loner I Can Predict the Storm and Yet it Comes and Comes the Essence of Time European Weeping Beech Just a smoke Red Winter at the Swamp Facade the sleeper illusion, confusion Calla Lilies Waves of Change masque 2 On my way No._379a i have an idea I nearly lost myself Red Path Waiting for a Sign no. 3 Feather Boa shine Looking for adventure and whatever comes my way Winter Lake Famine lagoon Toes to the Nose The Fog Mango In Black "Oh, heart, if one should say to you that the soul perishes like the body, answer that the flower withers, but the seed remains." ~Kahlil Gibran A.K.A. Borgsky "You use a glass mirror to see your face; you use works of art to see your soul" a simple tree Talk Talk "Her modest looks the cottage might adorn, Sweet as the primrose peeps beneath the thorn."~Oliver Goldsmith I really miss Venice Beach (night) Aura Peony in Vintage Bottle muddle through The Way Of The Wind R&R