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Still Life (03) Songs of the Farm 2 A Few Less 1948 International KB-5 Fire Truck lend me yours wings and teach me how to fly Davenport's Demise No. 6 Oh, Winter's Day Problems with the Sun I belong to the wind Black Alphabet 'D' sentinels Windbreak I sticks and stones into the sunset The Burden of Self.Butterfly thoughts remix down and out The Jury of Peers A Friend for the Lonely birdmad girl Pattu Pavada Glamour girl CidadeDeDeus Illuminati tulip magnolia bud Lotus Kimono Blossoms 1plus1 A DREAM OF MOTHS The Little Red Tree Love letters the internal struggle the consequence of forgetting you. the fight of Don Quijote  A Small Amount of Courage soulless Dawn on West Road left behind Metamorphoses VII Smokeless George Mirror Image Coquette R&R beholden out on the town Rolle Castle Move Me [9] Hideaways Copse Alone lunatique