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Rainy Day Snow Crab 2 By the window Remnants of Creation  Fagner La Vie en Rouge Will-o'-the-wisps Contemplating the Impending Veils Impression (19) Trapezoid floating dreams You can Run, but you can't hide Problems with the Sun Mr. Sandman As a man follows Knowing a New Freedom Let's change clothes and save that damn world Numbers With No Special Meaning UNTITLED watching the world burn UNTITLED lost in thought Whispers Best Friends  ribbon nightmare architecture Six Always the right time illusion, confusion quill The Jury of Peers On The Night Plane Emerald Bay UNTITLED Ralph #2 little by little Black Alphabet 'D' Mrs. Doubt it was all coming true Part 7: The Unejoyable Meeting With the Goddess Hollow As A Bone Math Flight four Man on the streets Eye of the Beholder Antique Haviland Plate (Detail) c.1900 CAMERA HEAD strangers Orchid Thoughts on Portraits