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the observer Azalea 3 Nude I The Little Red Tree degrees of separation Great Falls 1 Desert Sunset Winter corn Parch Corn Road #2 The Call of Spring Dance red and yellow Amma (2) The Fog Walking Man Spring Swell The Pandit (2) A REOCCURING DREAM Little Steps from the Lost Toy Room avian 118 Flight the consequence of forgetting you. rope lock The Lady With Toast Close your eyes, go to sleep Calla Lilies III I feel the same White River Lodge I want to find myself by the sea, in another's company Orchid 8 Lou I never saw the sunshine 'til you turned out the light Thoughts on Portraits headless Sapphire Summit Talk Talk The Osprey's Catch out on the town Snow Crab Mist Shiny Apples The ash on Solheimajokull is beautiful this time of year Pink Ford Red. Light. Hanalei Pier Grumari Still Life (05) A Walk in The Park no. 2 From Tunnels Leaf Series 3 "Silence and solitude, the soul's best friends." ~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Davenport's Demise No. 6