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Eddie love me/love me not Lilie Lotus Sachuest Beach void of despair headless Index Funny Valentine memories of spring 1 Blue Mist Day by Day You Turn to Stone Part 8: Dancing as Not to Be Lost Hitching a Ride on a Minnow to the Moon Early - Santa Monica losing myself alone, not lonely maeve at the beach - christine sirois alone, her mind starts to drift The Day I Dreamed in Pink Iris #27 Quintessential Pretty Vacant Vein of Stars Single Sail "I Don't THINK So ..." Carmelita Still Life (01) underground #1 As If... shilin Fly the Spinnaker! The Undertaker Davenport's Demise No. 4 Little Bird in the Bottle Les nécropoles - 1 The Call of Spring Icecream Stories sister mary mannequin sucker punch golden silence a counting of crows The petals curl Heathen Pears - Paired Each other across the gray Horizontal Tanning At The Museum 3 Pears - From above Window Shopping (8)