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alone, not lonely Mr. Sandman Pestilence up with the sun Three minus one the bridge avian 123 Veils Contemplating Fate Move Me [7] CidadeDeDeus I nearly lost myself In the Parlor I See You underground #1 Study in white Dreamer At The Amusement Park 1 (Homage to Cindy Patrick) Table Rock Lake Dirty Elegance horse Little Pierrot Urbanity Kimono Blossoms lonely or not ... Clouds Beneath the Water Looking for the other half of my pear Human Beings at an Unspecified Airport Calla Lilies Ralph #3 Amma (2) Thoughts on Portraits Roses and Roses Flashback appit! june 2011 helen breznik White River Lodge Part 3: The Departure turn off, bow down, give up the great escape Simulated Woman Ridin' Dirty The White Rose 2 At Least I Have My Red Shoes in the autumn of her life pretty girl The Lady With Toast you pretty little weed Bones #1 It was Hot Pears - Simple