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Fall 1 down and out Thoughts on Portraits untitled 3n Leaf Series 4 Move Me [8] underground #1 Little Bird in the Bottle Spring Swell Someone is Waiting for You at Home on the farm Polka Dots Community Rose Mutual Appreciation ode to Barcelona WALBY La Vie en Rouge I See You Grass in the snow Star Gazer the observer Mount Hope Bridge "The veil of confusion gently falls away, Like the dank mist on a dull autumn day. Revealing the path that lies there before me, To step forward or not, what will it be?." ~Gabriella Goddard beholden sunset on an empty park The Empty Nest pretty girl Life in Motion 4 Move Me [9] Davenport's Demise No. 6 Downtown Lady Horologe waters below 1 Forgiven Golden Loner The Day I Dreamed in Pink Parch Corn Road #3 Paper Freedom Asphyxia Blue Mist Ralph #2 Violet Mortem Autem Lepidoptera Test Image Only Dreaming of Fairyland Pears - Simple Waiting for a Sign no. 2 Icecream Stories