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Different ways Emerald Bay Horologe Landscape of the Lost a rose by any other name would smell as black Afterlife Azalea 1 alienation II : Or I Hate It When You Make Me Feel Like A Horses A** Fonthill Punk Generation Cherry Blossoms I As far as we can discern, the sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light in the darkness of mere being. Carl Jung Earth Child ' forest Rose shine souvenirs de Paris Ozark Autumn iPrint Capriccio Ok, So Things Got Crazy, Shoes where Flying Around - I Almodt Lost My Head Bright ideas along the misty shores of imagination The Burden of Self.Butterfly wings remix geographically undesirable Lady Foley Women on the edge: second silence.  The Osprey's Catch "We bury love; Forgetfulness grows over it like grass:  That is a thing to weep for, not the dead." ~Alexander Smith Impression (23) BANE The last tango quill Heathen Amongst the Feathers Jerusalem Baptist Church 1 The Mask of the Red Feather Bang-Bang YOU... I really miss Venice Beach (night) Metro Man On Pointe Davenport's Demise No. 7 new dawn fades avian 118 in the autumn of her life emergence . PORTRAIT OF THE BIRD LADY "Her modest looks the cottage might adorn, Sweet as the primrose peeps beneath the thorn."~Oliver Goldsmith HerRo's Hotel w o n d e r m e n t