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To see things in the seed, that is genius. ~Lao tzu La Vie en Rouge Black-Alphabet- 'C' The Call of Spring No, I don't love him Water Lillies Seeker Study in white Famine The Mushroom Dwelling The Little Red Tree "There shall be eternal summer in the grateful heart." (Celia Thaxter) Ozark Autumn iPrint Black Alphabet 'L' Ricky the Pirate SeaGlass Opening Disagreement Fragmented On The Marsh At The Museum 2 A Quiet Moment deep within the plot one step and then the next gets you where you're going the grazer Urbanity Violet Desert Sunset "You use a glass mirror to see your face; you use works of art to see your soul" Ozarks Workshop The Mask of the Red Feather Problems with the Sun as the crow flies Jumping the River of Lost Sharks Day by Day You Turn to Stone A Day at the Zoo Bright ideas along the misty shores of imagination You Gotta Be Kidding! "In the middle of the road of my life I awoke in the dark wood where the true way was wholly lost." ~Dante Alighieri meet me at sled hill Test Image Only Flying Flowers Cheek rising z e b r a Facade HOPE printemps #1 Grass in the snow Mask Dream