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Mr. Sandman Clouds Beneath the Water alienation I : Or How I Feel When You Do Not Listen To Me Around the Bend Leaf Series 4 Not far behind Paquetá Life in Motion 2 Blue feet Liquid Amber Mirror Image Breaking Out! innocence Cat and Urn hold the secret close A morning on The river. The Lady And The Giant The Times With Signs Shootout at the RDF Corral The visitation of Mr. Horatius you pretty little weed Little Pierrot Tree of Fire a charmed sleep Lazy Days of Summer Move Me [2] A.K.A. Borgsky She Loves Me...She Loves Me Not horse Human Beings at an Unspecified Airport she's a loveatarian STICKS horse with no name it's all make believe, isn't it? follow the leader Day by Day You Turn to Stone Secrets waters below 3 Move Me [8] solitude Time Changes Memories The Blackbird's Song Infinity At Least I Have My Red Shoes silent sigh Metro Man A Day at the Zoo A Few Less rope lock The Negotiator